[ACCEPTED]-Origin/Explanation of Class::getInstance?-oop

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It's quite simple. Looks, a lot like Zend 12 Framework thought?
Anyway, this implements 11 the Singleton design pattern. It's forbidding 10 the programmer to create more than one instance 9 of the controller. So, is you access your 8 controller from anywhere in your code, instead 7 of creating a new FrontController or something 6 like that you just ask to be given the One 5 instance that as been previously created.

If 4 no instance exist, it's creating one else 3 it only return you the front controller 2 wich as been previously created.

Hope this 1 helps you!

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getInstance() comes from the Singleton pattern. You basically use this 2 when you want to instantiate no more than 1 one instance of a class.

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