[ACCEPTED]-Regex Matches white space but not tab (php)-whitespace

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As per my original comment, you can use 5 this.


See regex in use here

Note: The link contains whitespace characters: tab, newline, and 4 space. Only space is matched.


So your regex would be 3 [^\S\t\n\r]{2,}


  • [^\S\t\n\r] Match any character not present in the set.
    • \S Matches any non-whitespace character. Since it's a double negative it will actually match any whitespace character. Adding \t, \n, and \r to the negated set ensures we exclude those specific characters as well. Basically, this regex is saying:
      • Match any whitespace character except \t\n\r

This principle in regex is often used with 2 word characters \w to negate the underscore 1 _ character: [^\W_]

Score: 1

[ ]{2,} works normally (not sure about php) or 1 even / {2,}/

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