[ACCEPTED]-PHP: How to hide/display chunks of HTML-html

Accepted answer
Score: 20

Considering PHP as an embedded language 6 you should, in order to get better readability, use 5 the specific language forms for the "templating".

Instead 4 of using echo you could just write the HTML 3 outside the <?php ?> tags (never use <? ?> which could 2 be misleading).

Also it is suggested to use 1 if () : instead of if () {, for example:

    <?php if (true) : ?>
        <p>It is true</p>
    <?php endif; ?>


Score: 7

You don't need to put the HTML into an echo statement. Think 12 of the HTML as implicitly being echoed. So, for 11 conditionally showing a chunk of HTML, you'd 10 be looking for a construct like this:

    if (condition == true) {
        <p>Some content</p>

So 9 the HTML string literal that exists outside 8 of the PHP tags is just implicitly delivered 7 to the page, but you can wrap logic around 6 it to drive it. In the above, the div and 5 its contents are all within the scope of 4 the if statement, and so that chunk of HTML 3 (even though it's outside of the PHP tags) is 2 only delivered if the condition in the PHP 1 code is true.

Score: 3

Try this:

<?php if ($var == true) { ?>
<?php } ?>

You can use PHP tags like wrapped 2 around HTML and based on the conditional 1 the HTML will either be rendered or it won't.

Score: 0

This should work too. E.g. for hiding/displaying 1 a table tag.

<table <?php echo (condition == true)?'visible':'hidden'; ?> ></table>

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