[ACCEPTED]-Do not show null element with Symfony serializer-serialization

Accepted answer
Score: 12

A solution would be to extend from ObjectNormalizer class, override 3 the normalize() method and remove all null values there:

use Symfony\Component\Serializer\Normalizer\ObjectNormalizer;
use Symfony\Component\Serializer\Serializer;
use Symfony\Component\Serializer\Encoder\XmlEncoder;

class CustomObjectNormalizer extends ObjectNormalizer
    public function normalize($object, $format = null, array $context = [])
        $data = parent::normalize($object, $format, $context);

        return array_filter($data, function ($value) {
            return null !== $value;

$encoders = array(new XmlEncoder());
$normalizers = array(new CustomObjectNormalizer());
$serializer = new Serializer($normalizers, $encoders);

// ...

If 2 we have an array of Person like the one of the official documentation:

// ...

$person1 = new Person();

$person2 = new Person();

$persons = array($person1, $person2);
$xmlContent = $serializer->serialize($persons, 'xml');

echo $xmlContent;

The result will be 1 those not null nodes:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <item key="0">
    <item key="1">
Score: 2

There is a better solution also since November 3 2016 with this feature : [Serializer] XmlEncoder : Add a way to remove empty tags

You just have to 2 put the context parameter remove_empty_tags to true like 1 this example

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