[ACCEPTED]-PHP Can't find save handler memcache-memcached

Accepted answer
Score: 11

Memcached, not Memcache. Same as the name 7 of the class.

session.save_handler = memcached

EDIT since the OP indicated that 6 it was just a typo.

There are some similar 5 stories here:

Did you say "yes" when 4 the installer asked you "Enable memcache 3 session handler support?"

If it doesn't 2 work, try the new Memcached extension (with 1 the D). It's supposed to be better somehow.

Score: 8

If you want to use memcached instead of memcache, make sure 2 you don't have tcp:// in your session.save_path. So you should 1 fix your session.save_path from

session.save_path = "tcp://"


session.save_path = ""
Score: 5

You might just still need to install the 1 PHP memcached extension, for example yum install php55-pecl-memcached

Score: 0

You will need to enable the memcache session 3 handler support then installing php5-memcache. Which 2 OS are you using and how have you installed 1 it?

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