[ACCEPTED]-how to set a null value to a field in a table using oracle sql developer tool?-oracle-sqldeveloper

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Using SQL Developer 3.0 here. What works 10 for me is to first highlight the cell that 9 I want to set to null. Hit backspace twice 8 and move out of the cell (or do whatever 7 you need to do to get out of edit mode). The 6 first backspace puts the cell into edit 5 mode and clears out the existing value. The 4 second backspace is where the "null" value 3 gets set (this is not visually apparent). Commit your changes and the 2 null values will now show up in the refreshed 1 data.

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What version are you using? I've got 1.5.4 2 right now and it works perfectly. Just click 1 the value and hit delete, then commit.

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Do you mean editing in the data tab? Just 9 insert an 'empty' string, which in oracle 8 is equal to null.

Set "Display null value 7 as" to (null) in tools -> preferences -> Database 6 -> advanced settings

create table ff (v VARCHAR2(1));


Select table and select 5 data tab.

This shows


Now double click the 4 value 1 and delete the 1. Commit generates 3 this statement in log:


Which is syntacticly 2 not a valid SQL statement but data tab now 1 shows.

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Some tools use <ctrl+0> to enter a NULL value.


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there is a setting in tools -> preferences -> Database -> advanced settings that allows you to 3 reset the default display of NULL columns. If 2 you set it to blank that will probably solve 1 your issue.

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Select the relevant columns with the mouse 3 (pressing CTRL to keep the selection as 2 you go), then pressing SHIFT + DEL. This 1 worked for me

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