[ACCEPTED]-Should I provide a LICENSE.txt or COPYING.txt file in my project?-project-setup

Accepted answer
Score: 53

COPYING is standard in the GNU project. I think 13 that either of COPYING or LICENSE would be understood. The 12 FSF has a guide on how to use the GPL, which suggests COPYING, while the Producing Open Source Software book 11 suggests either COPYING or LICENSE. The Apache License recommends a 10 boilerplate that just points to the license 9 online, though the Apache project seems 8 to also include a LICENSE file in their code containing 7 the relevant license or licenses.

It's up 6 to you whether you want to add the .txt suffix; on 5 Windows and Mac OS X it tends to be helpful 4 for default file associations, while on 3 Linux or most other Unix-type operating 2 systems suffixes are optional and it's generally 1 assumed that files are plain text.

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