[ACCEPTED]-Streaming log(txt) viewer-tail

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Tail for Win32 is a simple open-source program I've been 6 using for a couple of years already.

Notepad++ can 5 actually do it out of the box.

From within 4 Notepad++: Settings > Preferences > MISC.

From 3 there, you can check "Update silently" and 2 "Scroll to the last line after update" in 1 the group "File Status Auto-Detection"

Score: 8

The Notepad++ plugin you're looking for 6 is Document Monitor. However, if you notice 5 that Notepad++ freezes unpredictably, causing 4 you to lose unsaved changes, then this plugin 3 may be the culprit, as it is known to be 2 unstable. See http://www.g-loaded.eu/2009/10/17/be-cautious-with-notepad/

Also look at other threads 1 on tailing documents on Windows:

Score: 5

in other word... Best tail (log file visualization) freeware tool ? , no ?

The solution in 1 that question was: Baretail

Score: 4

A great tool with tailing, highlighting, filtering, columnizing 3 and a rudimentary Eclipse integration is 2 Log Expert. Also has a SDK and is free for both non-commercial 1 and commercial use.

Score: 1

Should try Lister with Logtail_plugin.wlx 1 / logViewer.wlx plugin. http://www.ghisler.com/lister/

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You can tail log files using Apache's Chainsaw 3 by configuring Chainsaw with a LogFilePatternReceiver. See 2 the Welcome tab for an example configuration 1 file.


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