[ACCEPTED]-How do I use cygwin behind the corporate firewall-cygwin

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Score: 58

Just for the records if you need to authenticate 1 to the Proxy use:

export http_proxy=http://username:password@host:port/

Taken from: http://samueldotj.blogspot.com/2008/06/configuring-cygwin-to-use-proxy-server.html

Score: 29

Most applications check one of the following 2 environment variables (gem even checks both), so try putting 1 this code in your .bashrc:

export http_proxy=$proxy
export HTTP_PROXY=$proxy
Score: 7

I doubt that your corporate firewall allows 5 PING, but the others all appear to be one 4 form of http or another. On a Linux system, you 3 can set your HTTP proxy as an environment 2 variable, so in bash, type:

export http_proxy=http://www.myproxy.com:3128

There is a similar 1 environment variable for FTP (ftp_proxy).

Score: 6

If I just use what Vlax and Mohsen Nosratinia 5 suggested (export http_proxy=http://yourusername:yourpassword@host:port/), it will only work half of 4 the programs (some of the installs will 3 work but not all) for my company.

By adding 2 another line it will work for all (maybe 1 most) at least in my situation.

export http_proxy=http://yourusername:yourpassword@host:port/
export https_proxy=$http_proxy
Score: 5

You can also set it on Windows environment 3 variables and cygwin will load it on startup (little bonus: any 2 command prompt on windows will also have 1 it set).

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