[ACCEPTED]-What is the InnoDB equivalent of MyISAM's key_buffer_size?-myisam

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innodb_buffer_pool_size is the setting that controls the size of 5 the memory buffer that InnoDB uses to cache 4 indexes and data. It's an important performance 3 option.

See the manual page for the full explanation. The 2 MySQL Performance Blog also has an article about how to choose 1 a proper size for it.

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As far as I know, the best setting you can 10 adjust for InnoDB is innodb_buffer_pool_size.

The size in bytes 9 of the memory buffer InnoDB uses to cache data and 8 indexes of its tables. The default value is 8MB. The 7 larger you set this value, the less disk 6 I/O is needed to access data in tables. On 5 a dedicated database server, you may set 4 this to up to 80% of the machine physical memory 3 size. However, do not set it too large 2 because competition for physical memory 1 might cause paging in the operating system.

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