[ACCEPTED]-Trying to connect to remote MySQL host (error 2003)-mysql-error-2003

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Based on your response, you need to find 6 if there is a device between you and the 5 server that blocks your connection. You 4 should also ensure that you can telnet to 3 3306 on that server's ethernet address when logged into the server... if 2 not, you probably have not got the service 1 bound to the ethernet in my.cnf... see the bind-address parameter.

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You should check your MySQL Server configuration 5 to see if it bind to, then you 4 can only connect to mysql if your app is 3 on same server. There's an easy way, to 2 have webamin installed and you can control 1 via web interface.

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This may due to 3306 port is closed , check 9 your server port status


If it shows closed, that 8 means you can't access it from out side 7 the machine , to open the port

ufw - Uncomplicated 6 Firewall

The default firewall configuration 5 tool for Ubuntu is ufw. The following are 4 some examples of how to use ufw:

First, ufw 3 needs to be enabled. From a terminal prompt 2 enter:

sudo ufw enable

To open a port (mysql):

sudo ufw allow 3306

To see the 1 firewall status, enter:

sudo ufw status
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If you use VPN connection to connect remote 11 database server and you got this kind of 10 error then just check it out two simple 9 steps...

1) In windows machine, please go 8 to "Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network 7 Connections" path and right click on local 6 area network and go to properties. Click 5 on TCP/IPv4 and go the properties. Make 4 sure the IP and DNS server(if you use DHCP 3 or not?).

2) After this please restart the 2 Machine and check it out again.

Hope this 1 will work. In my case it works.

Note: Please make sure all your settings are correct. This answer is funny but it works in my case :)


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for me this was to enable the port 3306 3 in /etc/default/iptables file to allow the incoming traffic 2 from any host by uncommenting the below 1 given line:

#-A INPUT -p tcp --dport 3306 -j ACCEPT

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