[ACCEPTED]-Update mysql table with data from another table-sql-update

Accepted answer
Score: 187
UPDATE table1 t1, table2 t2
SET t1.field_to_change = t2.field_with_data
WHERE t1.field1 = t2.field2;


Score: 23
UPDATE book_details AS bd, book_details_old AS old
SET bd.live=1  
WHERE bd.isbn13=old.isbn13  
AND old.live=1;


Score: 17

Just a litle change and you got it:

UPDATE book_details
SET live = 1 
WHERE ISBN13 in (SELECT ISBN13 FROM book_details_old WHERE live = 1);


Score: 4

To update a table from data in other table

UPDATE table1, table2 SET table1.field1 = table2.field1 where table1.id = table2.id

EX.UPDATE transaction, member SET transaction.Memberid = member.memberId WHERE transaction.CardId = member.CardId;


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