[ACCEPTED]-unoconv not working while trying to convert. throws Error: Unable to connect or start own listener. Aborting-file-conversion

Accepted answer
Score: 10

You have to kill all the soffice.bin processes 2 before trying to use unoconv. I didn't have 1 to do any "unoconv --listener" command.

Score: 2

You need to kill all soffice.bin processes before executing 1 unoconv

Score: 0

It fails with the error in the question 6 if it does not find the LibreOffice personal 5 configuration file, but it also creates 4 them before exiting. The second run succeeds.

You 3 can reproduce the error but removing the 2 personal configuration files, then trying 1 to run unoconv:

$ rm -rf .config/libreoffice/
$ unoconv foo
Error: Unable to connect or start own listener. Aborting.


Score: 0

Failing to start instance hints at the inability 10 of the script to find the LibreOffice program.

Do 9 this basic test:

  1. Copy the unoconverter to 8 "libreoffice/program" folder.

  2. IMPORTANT: Go 7 there and try to execute ./soffice to verify that 6 the soffice runs itself.

  3. Now run unoconv 5 with the version of python that shipped 4 with the LibreOffice by typing ./python unocov -f pdf 1234.docx

You should 3 see the converted file in the same directory 2 now. Kill the soffice process and retry 1 if it generates the same error.

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