[ACCEPTED]-In MATLAB, how do I change the background color of a subplot?-background-color

Accepted answer
Score: 20

You can use the set command.


That will give 2 you a red background in the subplot location 1 2,2,1.

Score: 4

I know you mentioned that you are using 10 MATLAB 6.1, but it bears mentioning that 9 in the newer versions of MATLAB you can 8 specify additional property-value pair arguments 7 in the initial call to SUBPLOT, allowing for a 6 more compact syntax. The following creates 5 an axes with a red background in the top 4 left corner of a 2-by-2 layout:


I'm not certain 3 in which version of MATLAB this syntax was 2 introduced, since the release notes going back to Version 7 (R14) don't seem to mention 1 it.

Score: 2

I've not used Matlab in several years, but 3 I think it might well be the whitebg method 2 called after the subplot declaration, similar 1 to the way in which you would set a title.

subplot(3, 2, 4), hist(rand(50)), whitebg('y');

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