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You can find a boat load of free math books 3 here: http://www.e-booksdirectory.com/mathematics.php

If you're looking for just a table 2 of symbols and what they mean, Wikipedia 1 has a nice list: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Table_of_mathematical_symbols

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It sounds like a lot of your applications 16 are in computer graphics.

One of the classic 15 textbooks is Foley and Van Dam. You might consider getting 14 a copy. It may not slow down to explain 13 matrices (see the link I gave for a page 12 on coordinate transforms), but there's enough 11 context there that you can probably do just 10 fine if you either do some basic searches 9 on some of the linear algebra concepts, or 8 check out a linear algebra book from the 7 library.

It doesn't sound like you'd benefit 6 a lot from a full "digestion" of 5 a linear algebra course (which goes into 4 eigenvalues, matrix factoring, & other 3 stuff). I'd just take one concept at a time 2 as it comes up. You can learn quite a bit 1 from slow osmosis.

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On-line Mathematics Dictionary



The HarperCollins Dictionary of Mathematics

Simon Singh has a great list of books at 3 his site.

Your updated question prompts me to 2 mention Gilbert Strang's free, online Linear Algebra video lectures. These 1 are reasonably slow but very thorough.

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Though this is not exactly what you are 3 looking for, the Princeton Companion to Mathematics has a sample chapter on 2 The Language and Grammar of Mathematics. It explains not so much formulas but the 1 formal use of the English language.

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The main thing you will need to understand 10 is the notation of set theory. All your 9 really need is the thinnest book you can 8 find and it will have 90% of what you need.

I 7 remember reading "Naive Set Theory" by Halmos 6 some years ago, after which there was little 5 that I couldn't make sense of. But if that 4 particular book is not an option, head over 3 to any University library pick out an introductory 2 set theory book and that should give you 1 what you need.

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Good answers already.

You should expect math 16 notation to be hard, because it packs a 15 lot of meaning into very few symbols, so 14 you have to slow down and take it one equation 13 at a time, without any skimming. And usually 12 you have to read a book or article on the 11 general subject.

I knew math professors who 10 said that when they tackled unfamiliar work 9 they had to get some coffee, slow way down, and 8 parse each statement and each equation until 7 they understood it.

I have to use quite a 6 bit of math in my daily work, but it mostly 5 all boils down to high school algebra and 4 trig, plus basic differential calculus, and 3 really basic differential equations and 2 linear algebra. Most people only need the 1 high-school stuff.

Best of luck.

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A good book with explanations of notation 1 is Vector Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Differential Forms: A Unified Approach.

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