[ACCEPTED]-phpstorm on osx: shortcut for 'Comment with Line Comment'-phpstorm

Accepted answer
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You can use the comment shortcut without 6 editing the keymap. Just press on "=" button, on 5 the right of the ":" button when doing your 4 shorcut.

You can validate this behavior in 3 the keymap editor: pressing the ":" button 2 will show you the "." caracter instead.

But 1 there's still a wrong keyboard mapping.

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enter image description here

damn muricans! wait, JetBrains is located 1 in CZ, damn czechs! ;)

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as mentioned in my comment above, i managed 8 to create my own shortcut by editing the 7 keymap options. the thing i didn't understand 6 in the 'add keyboard shortcut' dialog was 5 that i thought i'm expected to press only one button 4 when the 'First Stroke' textfield has focus.

i'd 3 still be interested though why the default 2 shortcut is something i can't even type 1 on my keyboard?

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I use two tricks to work around what I guess 4 is a bug.

  • Ctl + Maj + A, then typing "comment" is enough 3 to choose "Comment with Line comment" with 2 the "Return" key.

  • Using the caps lock, that 1 will let the Cmd + / work as expected

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