[ACCEPTED]-ltrace equivalent for osx?-strace

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Score: 25

No answer for ltrace (except perhaps "work 3 out how to use dtrace" :-) ), but for system 2 call tracing ala strace, dtruss is a pretty 1 good front end to dtrace.


dtruss df -h     # run and examine the "df -h" command

dtruss -p 1871   # examine PID 1871

dtruss -n tar    # examine all processes called "tar"
Score: 9

you don't need to learn dtrace to use it. there 3 are quite a few dtrace scripts that come 2 with OSX. To see an (incomplete) list:

man 1 -k dtrace

In your case dapptrace might do the job.

Score: 6

I'd suggest that DTrace is not as complex 7 as you think it is. I just wrote a two-part 6 tutorial on using DTrace to tune Cocoa applications 5 for the Mac or iPhone, which can be found 4 here and here. I came into it thinking that DTrace 3 would be extremely difficult to work with, but 2 it turns out to be reasonably straightforward 1 to use.

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