[ACCEPTED]-Strict less than operator in LDAP search filter?-ldap

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Another simple workaround would to to invert 2 the condition. If you need

(attribute < threshold)

Then this could 1 also be written as

!(attribute >= threshold)
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Consult RFC4511 for definitions of the types of 6 search filters. The types of filters are:

  • equalityMatch AttributeValueAssertion,
  • substrings SubstringFilter
  • greaterOrEqual AttributeValueAssertion
  • lessOrEqual AttributeValueAssertion
  • present AttributeDescription
  • approxMatch AttributeValueAssertion
  • extensibleMatch MatchingRuleAssertion

Not 5 only is there no '<' filter, the relative 4 values in >= and <= are defined by ordering 3 rules, and so making a relative value comparison 2 may not be what is expected unless treshold has 1 syntax and has the integerOrderingMatch ordering rule.

Score: 3

Not sure to really understand. If you want 1 somthing like X<100 why don't you code X<=99.

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