[ACCEPTED]-Command Button action not working-redirect

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Score: 12

In this particular case, that can happen 13 when you're nesting forms which is illegal 12 in HTML. This can also happen when the #{orderController} is 11 request scoped and the orderList content depends 10 on a request based value which causes that 9 the list is incompatibly changed when the 8 form submit is to be processed.

So, make 7 sure that you aren't nesting multiple <h:form> components 6 in each other and make sure that the #{orderController} is 5 a @ViewScoped bean and that you aren't manipulating 4 the orderList in its getter method.

See also:

As to your concrete 3 functional requirement, the <h:link> with <f:param> and <f:viewParam> is 2 a more sane approach for this. It's bookmarkable 1 and more SEO friendly. See also Communication in JSF 2.0 - Processing GET request parameters.

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