[ACCEPTED]-Retaining the last modified date while using ChannelSftp for file transfer-jsch

Accepted answer
Score: 10

Using a SimpleDateFormat is of less performance. Instead 6 one could use the methods getMTime() and getATime() directly. But 5 they deliver a value reduced by the milliseconds. That's 4 why they return an int and not a long as expected 3 in conformance to date.getTime().

SftpATTRS attrs = lsEntry.getAttrs();
Date dateModify = new Date(attrs.getMTime() * 1000L);
Date dateAccess = new Date(attrs.getATime() * 1000L);

In jsch-0.1.50 be careful of using 2 getAtimeString() there is the factor 1000L missing.

In jsch-0.1.51 the getAtimeString() bug 1 with the missing factor is fixed.

Score: 4

This changes the last modified time of the 1 file downloaded from the remote server,

String remoteFilePath = "testDir/testFile.txt";
SftpATTRS attrs = sftpChannel.lstat(remoteFilePath);
SimpleDateFormat format = new SimpleDateFormat(
                "EEE MMM dd HH:mm:ss zzz yyyy", Locale.US);
Date modDate = (Date) format.parse(attrs.getMtimeString());
String localFilePath = "C:/temp/downloadedFile.txt";
sftpChannel.get(remoteFilePath, localFilePath);
File downloadedFile = new File(localFilePath);
Score: 2

Merging the answers above to a working solution:

sftpChannel.get(REMOTE_FILE, LOCAL_FILE);
SftpATTRS attrs = sftpChannel.lstat(REMOTE_FILE);
Date dateModify = new Date(attrs.getMTime() * 1000L);
File downloadedFile = new File(LOCAL_FILE);


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