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You have to set minChars to be 0, like this:

$('.autocompleteTime').autocomplete($sessionTimes, {minChars: 0});

Also 4 note that you don't have to start variable 3 name with a $, you could just write sessionTimes 2 everywhere you use it and it would be okay. Probably 1 coming from a PHP background? :)

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This is the correct answer:

    $('.autocompleteTime').autocomplete($sessionTimes, {minChars: 0})
    .focus(function () {
        $(this).autocomplete('search', $(this).val())


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The selected answer is a bit old and didn't 3 really work for me, so what worked for me 2 was this:

    //use minLength when initializing so that empty searches work
    .autocomplete({..., minLength: 0})
    //trigger the search on focus
        $(this).autocomplete('search', $(this).val());

Credits to the comment by @notJim 1 above and this question: Display jquery ui auto-complete list on focus event, and to me

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Check out jQuery Ui's Autocomplete combobox 1 example:


Score: 0

That module has now been incorporated into 2 the jQuery UI. This post covers how to 1 deal with this problem now:

Jquery UI autocomplete; minLength:0 issue

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