[ACCEPTED]-jQuery height() returns 0 on a visible div - why?-css

Accepted answer
Score: 35

Make sure the code is inside the $(window).load 1 [not $(document).ready ]

$(window).load(function () {
    newhgt = $('#thetext1').find('div.rhs').css("background", "pink").height();
Score: 12

I had the same problem, and I noticed one 4 thing, the div needs to be visible when 3 you call .height();

But, even if the div is visible, the parents of this div needs to be visible. So you must garantee that parents div are visible (display != none)

writing 2 a $('#div').parent().show(); will make a parent visible, you may need 1 anothers parent().show();

Score: 9

You can still use $(document).ready as long 4 as you check to see if the element is loaded 3 first. I chose to go with

 $("_element name/id_").load(function() {

I originally found 2 the solution here: http://www.fortwaynewebdevelopment.com/jquery-width-or-height-always-returns-0-fix/

And chose to use the 1 answer in the first response.

Score: 2

I solved my problem like this:

}, 1000);

It works for 1 me.

Score: 0
newhgt = $('#thetext1').find('div.rhs').css("background", "pink")[0].getBoundingClientRect().height;


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