[ACCEPTED]-get CSS rule's percentage value in jQuery-css

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Score: 119

Most easy way


// >>> "65%"


Score: 84

This is most definitely possible!

You must 7 first hide() the parent element. This will 6 prevent JavaScript from calculating pixels 5 for the child element.

var width = $('.child').width();

See my example.

Now... I wonder 4 if I'm first to discover this hack:)



element.clone().appendTo('body').wrap('<div style="display: none"></div>').css('width');

It will 3 leave behind a hidden element before the 2 </body> tag, which you may want to .remove().

See an example of one-liner.

I'm 1 open to better ideas!

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There's no built-in way, I'm afraid. You 1 can do something like this:

var width = ( 100 * parseFloat($('.largeField').css('width')) / parseFloat($('.largeField').parent().css('width')) ) + '%';
Score: 45

You could access the document.styleSheets object:

<style type="text/css">
    .largeField {
        width: 65%;
<script type="text/javascript">
    var rules = document.styleSheets[0].rules || document.styleSheets[0].cssRules;
    for (var i=0; i < rules.length; i++) {
        var rule = rules[i];
        if (rule.selectorText.toLowerCase() == ".largefield") {


Score: 19

Late, but for newer users, try this if the css style contains a percentage:



Score: 10

A jQuery plugin based on Adams answer:

(function ($) {

    $.fn.getWidthInPercent = function () {
        var width = parseFloat($(this).css('width'))/parseFloat($(this).parent().css('width'));
        return Math.round(100*width)+'%';



Will 4 return '65%'. Only returns rounded numbers 3 to work better if you do like if (width=='65%'). If 2 you would have used Adams answer directly, that 1 hadn't worked (I got something like 64.93288590604027). :)

Score: 4

Building on timofey's excellent and surprising 2 solution, here is a pure Javascript implementation:

function cssDimensions(element) {
  var cn = element.cloneNode();
  var div = document.createElement('div');
  div.style.display = 'none';
  var cs = window.getComputedStyle
    ? getComputedStyle(cn, null)
    : cn.currentStyle;
  var ret = { width: cs.width, height: cs.height };
  return ret;

Hope 1 it's helpful to someone.

Score: 1

I have a similar issue in Getting values of global stylesheet in jQuery, eventually I 3 came up with the same solution as above.

Just wanted to crosslink 2 the two questions so others can benefit 1 from later findings.

Score: 1

Convert from pixels to percentage using cross multiplication.

Formula Setup:

1.) (element_width_pixels/parent_width_pixels) = (element_width_percentage 2 / 100)

2.) element_width_percentage = (100 1 * element_width_pixels) / parent_width_pixels

The actual code:


   var $width_percentage = (100 * $("#child").width()) / $("#parent").width();

Score: 1

A late response but wanted to add on for 15 anyone 2020+ who stumbles across this. Might 14 be more for niche cases but I wanted to 13 share a couple options.

If you know what 12 the initial % value is you can also assign 11 these values to variables in the :root of 10 the style sheet. i.e

:root {
    --large-field-width: 65%;

.largeField {
  width: var(--large-field-width);

When you want to access 9 this variable in JS you then simply do the 8 following:

let fieldWidth = getComputedStyle(document.documentElement).getPropertyValue('--large-field-width');
// returns 65% rather than the px value. This is because the % has no relative
// size to the root or rather it's parent.

The other option would be to assign 7 the default styling at the start of your 6 script with:

element.style.width = '65%'

It can then be accessed with:

let width = element.style.width;

I 5 personally prefer the first option but it 4 really does depend on your use case. These 3 are both technically inline styling but 2 I like how you can update variable values 1 directly with JS.

Score: 0

You could put styles you need to access 5 with jQuery in either:

  1. the head of the document directly
  2. in an include, which server side script then puts in the head

Then it should be 4 possible (though not necessarily easy) to 3 write a js function to parse everything 2 within the style tags in the document head 1 and return the value you need.

Score: 0

There's nothing in jQuery, and nothing straightforward 3 even in javascript. Taking timofey's answer 2 and running with it, I created this function 1 that works to get any properties you want:

// gets the style property as rendered via any means (style sheets, inline, etc) but does *not* compute values
// domNode - the node to get properties for 
// properties - Can be a single property to fetch or an array of properties to fetch
function getFinalStyle(domNode, properties) {
    if(!(properties instanceof Array)) properties = [properties]

    var parent = domNode.parentNode
    if(parent) {
        var originalDisplay = parent.style.display
        parent.style.display = 'none'
    var computedStyles = getComputedStyle(domNode)

    var result = {}
    properties.forEach(function(prop) {
        result[prop] = computedStyles[prop]

    if(parent) {
        parent.style.display = originalDisplay

    return result

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