[ACCEPTED]-Jquery Get Child DIV Within DIV-jquery-selectors

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Score: 12

Your last selector

$("#mainContainer :first-child").attr('id') 

works fine, if you correct 4 the typo in the HTML (see this fiddle). It says 3 mainContianer instead of mainContainer.

But, anyway, why don't you 2 select simply by the id, if that element has 1 an id?

$( '#firstChildDiv' )
Score: 6
$('#mainContainer > div:first-child').attr('id');


Score: 2

Try this,


Check there is no space before 1 ':'

Score: 2

Actually, you have a typo there in your 2 html

<div id="mainContianer">

should be

<div id="mainContainer">

Then you can do

$("#mainContainer div:first-child").prop('id')

This uses prop rather 1 than attr, which is slower and old jQuery Syntax

Score: 1

this all return you first child of parent--in your case replace parent by mainContianer



$( $('#parent').children()[0] ) 



try 1 - Child Selector (“parent > child”)

$("div > div").attr('id')  

also try out

$("div div:first-child")
Score: 1

This is working for me....

    var a =$("#mainContainer div:first-child").attr('id');


Score: 1
                function getDiv(){
                alert("answer = "+$('#mainContianer div:first-child').attr('id'));


            <div id="hidden"></div>

                 <div id="mainContianer">
                    <div id="firstChildDiv">

                <button onclick="getDiv()">click</button>


Score: 0


<script language="JavaScript">
    jQuery(document).ready(function($) { 
    $("#MY_BUTTON").click(function(event) {


<div id="PARENT_DIV">
        <h1 class="Heading">MY HTML PAGE TEST</h1>
        <br />
        <div id="CHILD_DIV">THIS IS MY CHILD DIV</div>

    <div class="MY_BUTTONS"> 
        <a class="MySubmitButton" id="MY_BUTTON">
            <span>Test it!</span>


Score: 0

for now in 2020 with jquery it can be like:

    function myClickOnDiv(divPrm) {
        let div=$(divPrm);
        let targetElement=div.find('#my_id')

if say you div 1 looks like this:

<div onclick=myClickOnDiv(this)><label id="my_id"></label></div>

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