[ACCEPTED]-Google One tap sign-in UI not displayed after clicking the close button-google-authentication

Accepted answer
Score: 11

In development, I was able to reset the 6 exponential cool down by removing the g_state cookie.

One 5 method for this might be to add a development-only 4 "Clear Google One Tap Cookie" link 3 that run an server-side action to remove 2 the g_state cookie and then redirect back to the 1 previous page.

Score: 3

This is the so-called "Exponential 9 Cool Down" feature. More details at 8 https://developers.google.com/identity/one-tap/web/guides/features#exponential_cool_down.

Google One Tap is an optimized UX for users 7 to sign-in or sign-up with just one tap. If 6 a user doesn't want to sign-in/sign-up (by 5 closing the One Tap), it should not be displayed 4 again and again on each page reloading or 3 navigation. To most users, it's an annoying 2 UX. With the cool down feature, users won't 1 feel to be pushed to sign-in/sign-up.

Score: 1

Individual user accounts may globally opt-out of using One 7 Tap from their Google Account settings page. In 6 this case opt_out_or_no_session will be returned.

You'll not be 5 able to force users to use One Tap if they've 4 opt out globally or if the exponential cooldown 3 is active.

During development, on your account, you 2 can follow the suggestions in the Answers 1 to reset the cooldown.

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