[ACCEPTED]-Write JavaScript in Other Languages-multilingual

Accepted answer
Score: 31

JavaScript isn't written in English, it's 1 written in JavaScript.

Score: 25

JavaScript's keywords are in English and 6 browsers' object names are in English. You 5 can't get around this. Even if all of your 4 variable and function names are in French, you'll 3 still need to have English keywords lying 2 around. Your clients will have to live with 1 this.

Score: 14

You can get any object and assign it to 5 a variable with a French name for instance

var nomAppDeNavigateur = navigator.appName;

Then 4 use it wherever, it's just the keywords 3 that are restricted to Javascriptish. It 2 still has to make sense though, whatever 1 language you are aiming for.

Score: 8

JavaScript is a dynamic language that responds 4 well to monkey-patching:

String.prototype.indice= String.prototype.indexOf;
navigator.nomApp= navigator.appName;
window.navigatrice= navigator;

Et voilà! Your code 3 fragment works as-is. Well, except for the 2 curious way your browser is masculine.

PS. Don't 1 do this.

Score: 4

I highly suggest you do not do this. I also 6 think this is not possible. Not only are 5 you throwing away tons of documentation 4 which uses only english but you are making 3 it very difficult for non-french speaking 2 people to code with your application.

See 1 Jeff Atwoods post about this here:

The Ugly American Programmer

Score: 3

Most programming languages are based off 17 of the English language.

As Jeff pointed 16 out in a recent blog post, Eric Raymond notes that 15 functional English is required for true hackers:

Back around 1991 I learned that many hackers 14 who have English as a second language 13 use it in technical discussions even when 12 they share a birth tongue; it was reported 11 to me at the time that English has a richer technical 10 vocabulary than any other language and 9 is therefore simply a better tool for 8 the job. For similar reasons, translations 7 of technical books written in English 6 are often unsatisfactory (when they get 5 done at all).

On a related note, also pointed 4 out in Jeff's post, Wikipedia keeps a list 3 of non-English based programming languages.

Either your client must learn basic 2 English or they must use a non-English based 1 language.

Score: 1

Programming language keywords are fixed. The 4 browser can't translate them from one spoken 3 language to another. Functions you create 2 yourself can be in any spoken language you 1 chose.

Score: 1

In JS as in any other language you can define 4 your own classes/methods in the language 3 you want but the standart libraries are 2 usually written in english so that's what 1 you have...

Score: 0

You are perfectly able to write your own 9 variables, functions and APIs in other languages; however, the 8 vast majority of existing APIs are going 7 to be in English and there is no way for 6 the browser to understand that you ment 5 navigator when you write navigateur.

Ostensibly, you could write 4 a translation framework that would translate 3 French keywords and French API calls into 2 their English counterparts, but that would 1 be a whole lot of work.

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