[ACCEPTED]-JCheckbox change listener gets notified of mouse over events-listener

Accepted answer
Score: 33

You get events on mouse over as focus gained/lost 12 represents a change to the state of the 11 component.

Instead you could use an ItemListener 10 which will give you ItemEvents.

The object 9 that implements the ItemListener interface 8 gets this ItemEvent when the event occurs. The 7 listener is spared the details of processing 6 individual mouse movements and mouse clicks, and 5 can instead process a "meaningful" (semantic) event 4 like "item selected" or "item deselected".

You 3 can add it to your checkbox with the addItemListener() method 2 in the AbstractButton class. Just replace 1 addChangeListener with this:

c.addItemListener(new ItemListener() {

    public void itemStateChanged(ItemEvent e) {
Score: 7

Use c.setRolloverEnabled(false)` and you won't get any event for mouse 1 motions.

Score: 1

The state of the check box (even just the 7 check box model) changes depending upon 6 whether it has the mouse over it or not. So 5 a state change event should be expected.

So, just 4 check back to see what state the check box 3 is in and update accordingly. It is better 2 to go straight for the model, rather than 1 using the "bloated" component interface.

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