[ACCEPTED]-How can I take a heap dump on Java 5 without garbage collecting first?-heap-memory

Accepted answer
Score: 14

use jconsole or visualvm or jmc or ... other 7 jmx management console. open HotSpotDiagnostic 6 in com.sun.management. select method dumpHeap and 5 input two parameters:

  • path to the dump file
  • (true/false) dump only live objects. use false to dump all objects.

Note that the dump 4 file will be written by the JVM you connected 3 to, not by JVisualVM, so if the JVM is running 2 on a different system, it will be written 1 on that system.

enter image description here

Score: 4

Have you tried the standard jmap tool shipped 5 with the JDK? The jmap toll was officially 4 introduced in Java 5.

Example command line: /java/bin/jmap 3 -heap:format=b

The result can be processed 2 with the standard jhat tool or with GUI 1 applications such as MAT.

Score: 3

I have some code here that can programmatically 7 take a heap dump over JMX:

Link: JmxHeapDumper.java

The comments 6 in the source code contain 2 links to articles 5 that contained useful information about 4 how to take heap dumps. I don't know for 3 sure but if you are in luck, perhaps the 2 JMX approach would have some way of avoiding 1 the GC. Hope this helps !

Score: 1

I suggest a 3rd-party profiler such as YourKit, which 4 may allow you to take snapshots without 3 kicking off the GC first. Added bonus, you 2 can take a snapshot without the whole ctrl-break 1 shenanigans.

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