[ACCEPTED]-Best 3D Java Engine-3d

Accepted answer
Score: 14

I would look at Ardor3D and have another 20 look at JMonkeyEngine.


UPDATE: Ardor3D's developer ceased the project, but a subset of it continues to exist

Created by the original 19 JMonkeyEngine developer(s) who decided a 18 clean break was required so they could start 17 over and use all the experience gained to 16 create a better API and platform.

The people 15 I know who have used Ardor3D have very positive 14 things to say about its design and API. It 13 is actively maintained and has a good community 12 and good API documentation, although tutorials 11 are a little short in supply and generally 10 you'll have to be familiar with 3D programming 9 concepts to be able to pick it up.

JMonkeyEngine 3

A community-led 8 rewrite of JMonkeyEngine 2, driven by dissatisfaction 7 with JME2 design and related issues caused 6 by said design, it has gone from strength 5 to strength since its release.

There is ample 4 documentation including tutorials and plenty 3 of projects using it. If you had issues 2 with JMonkeyEngine 2 or earlier, it is well 1 worth another look at version 3.


Score: 10

You are mixing libraries and levels of libraries, Jogl 22 and lwjgl are both pretty thin wrappers 21 around OpenGl (IIRC lwjgl has more wrappers 20 for OpenAL i.e. audio). While you can write 19 a game using pure opengl you will probably 18 spend a lot of time managing geometry, building 17 (or reinventing) a scenegraph and other 16 management functionality.

Processing is 15 mostly 2D oriented.

I don't have any experience 14 with ogre4j, but the last time I looked 13 JMonkey was under current development looking 12 at the 2.0 repository there is a long list of changes 11 that are current.

If you are not too set 10 on using Java consider some of the alternatives 9 Torque (private Scripting Language) Panda3d (python) or 8 the aforementioned OGRE using C++. I don't 7 know what classes and constructs you are 6 talking about in your first paragraph, but 5 having a library or backend that takes care 4 of the scene management, visibility calculations, sound 3 management, game loop, possibly even networking 2 might be a better driver for your decision 1 than a specific language feature.

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