[ACCEPTED]-What do those yellow horizontal arrows in eclipse, at the left of the line numbers do?-eclipse

Accepted answer
Score: 152

The yellow arrows show up next to search 3 results for me. If you go to the search 2 tab and delete the results they should go 1 away.

Score: 38

You can get rid of them by going to Preferences 3 > General > Editors > Text Editors > Annotations, then 2 look for "Search Results" and uncheck "Vertical 1 Ruler".

Score: 4

This is what they look like. screen shot from eclips

Note that it's 10 pointing at a blank line. I also did a 9 search for some string and it did not affect 8 the arrow. I have been trying to get "Extract 7 Android String" to work from a keyboard 6 shortcut (Mac OS) and may have found some 5 other implicated command.

Edit: I see it 4 now. Eclipse has more than one search command. This 3 is not from command-F (find/replace). It 2 is from control-H (search). There's a Search 1 item on the menu bar as well.

Score: 1

not really sure what you are looking at...

for 7 me, the little orange looking lines are 6 on the right - and they represent compiler 5 warnings. - you can hover your mouse over 4 them for messages.

when you double click 3 a word in the code, then more lines appear 2 - where that word is also located in the 1 file.

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