[ACCEPTED]-What does it mean in Spring 3, web-aware application context-containers

Accepted answer
Score: 10

This means that you can only use the session 8 scoped beans in a an application deployed 7 to a web server. Spring can be used in 6 applications that run in standard JVMs along 5 with applications that run in servlet containers 4 (Tomcat, etc). Session, however, only exists 3 in web servers so it has no meaning if the 2 application is running in a standard desktop 1 environment.

Score: 2

There are basically 5 types of scopes available 6 for spring bean. 1)Singleton 2)Prototype 3)Request 4)Session 5)Global-Session

The 5 first two scopes can be used with any type 4 of spring applications. But the remaining 3 3 are related to web applications. They 2 can be used only with the spring applications 1 which are involved in web.

Score: 1

Web aware means when the application provides web 4 endpoints for third party client. I.E When 3 the application contains at least one RestController . You 2 can do this by simply adding @RestController annotation 1 to your class.

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