[ACCEPTED]-Converting a Java Project to a Dynamic Web Project-ganymede

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Although this question is already answered 4 I'd like to say that I managed to convert 3 my project into web project by changing 2 project facets Properties->Project Facet 1 and just checked Dynamic Web Module

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Well. I'll tell you why, folks. It's because 11 a lot of these guides miss out some fundamental 10 things.

  1. Yes, you need to change the .project 9 file to add some missing natures and builders 8 (create a new Dynamic Web Project and examine 7 the created .project file to see what's 6 missing).

  2. You also need to add things to 5 the .settings folder. It'll be missing two 4 or three files, one of which is a key xml 3 file. They're all required for it to understand 2 the new natures you've given it.

Huzzah for 1 computers.

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When you cannot add the "Dynamic Web Module" via 7 "Project Facets" make sure you unlock and 6 disable the "Utility Module" since they 5 are mutually exclusive.

I've spend quite 4 sometime (re)editing the raw .project-file 3 (according to the earlier mentioned sites) until 2 I discovered this. It was probably was set 1 when I was messing with my maven configuration.

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Run on server option is not displaying in 12 eclipse .

The solution for it that i found 11 is " check Project properties / Project 10 Facets / Dynamic Web module" . For this 9 we need to unlock utility module and then 8 check Dynamic Web Module.

But , Utility module 7 is also necessary for Java EE Application. So 6 how to select both Utility and Dynamic Web 5 Module to make it Dynamic Web Project so 4 that we can get Run On server Option.

Note 3 : I have already copied necessary things 2 in .project file and files in .settings 1 folder.

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