[ACCEPTED]-In Java, are variables declared inside static methods themselves static?-static

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No, it's not a static variable. It's a local 6 variable. Any variable declared in a method 5 is a local variable. If you want a static 4 variable, you have to declare it outside 3 the method:

private static int parsedUntil = 0;

There's no way of declaring a 2 static variable which can only be used within 1 a single method.

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no, A() is a static method, and parsedUntil is a local 10 variable inside A.

Modifiers like static are not 9 valid in local variables (only final is permitted 8 afaik)

Follow-up question: I read that a static 7 variable will only be initialized once.


Does 6 that mean the first time I call function 5 A() the value will be set to zero, but 4 every other time I call A(), that row 3 is omitted?

since parsedUntil is not a 2 static field, but a local variable in a 1 static method, this is not the case.

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static variables cannot be declared locally inside 3 methods - they can only be members of a 2 class, and they get initialised when the 1 class is loaded.

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Java does not have static local variables 4 like C or C++ does, so you can never have 3 static int parsedUtil = 0;.

So no, parsedUtil is not in any sense "static". Its 2 value is initialised to 0 every time the 1 method is executed.

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No it's not C.

parsedUntil is not static. It's 5 just a local variable. You cannot declare 4 static variable inside the method.

Regarding 3 second question - static variables can be 2 assigned as many times as you want. You 1 cannot reassign only final variables.

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