[ACCEPTED]-NetBeans - shortcut for returning to previous position after invoking 'Go to Declaration'-keyboard-shortcuts

Accepted answer
Score: 89

Tested, for the 7.1.1 version, it is ALT+LEFT.


Score: 29

Another useful shortcut is ctrl-q which takes 1 you to the last edit point.

Score: 25

Navigate back :(ALT+LEFT)

Navigate forward :(ALT+RIGHT)


Score: 6

For El Capitan one needs to go to the System 3 Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts and 2 under "Mission Control" disable the ctrl-arrow 1 sequences and then it works

Score: 2

For El Capitan I was not able to figure this out.

So 3 instead I applied my own keybinding.

Go to 2 Netbeans -> preferences -> keymap

Search for "back" and add your own keybinding.

Cheers 1 :)

Score: 0

I think you are looking for Alt-K

In the menu 1 this is Navigate --> Back

Score: 0

Tested for Netbeans 8.2 on MAC, it is ctrl+B.


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