[ACCEPTED]-How To Check Dependencies Between Jar Files?-redundancy

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I know that there was a tool coming out 2 of the JBoss project called JBoss TattleTale, might 1 be worth taking a look:


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JDepend will analyze dependencies for you for any 3 number of JARs, class files, etc. Relating 2 the packages it reports to those JARs should 1 be a trivial extra step.

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why don't you use Maven for your project? that 1 will help you a lot managing dependencies.

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I also found JarAnalyzer, but it doesn't seem to be 1 maintained anymore.

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Well, it is year 2013 now, so I am not sure 8 whether this tool was great on year 2009. Just 7 used it and found it is useful: Class Dependency Analyzer (CDA) (V1.14) http://www.dependency-analyzer.org/ This 6 tool has a graph UI (Swing?). After add 5 lib jars and Java classes, it will show 4 the dependencies in Class/Package/Container(jar) level. It 3 can also show the dependants as well. So 2 it is easy to find the depend on jars and 1 depended jars.

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