[ACCEPTED]-String datatype in java-types

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String isn't a primitive datatype - it's a class, a 4 reference type. Now admittedly it's supported 3 directly in the VM, and there are literals 2 in the language - but it's still not a primitive 1 type.

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It's not a primitive, the String class is an object.



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because it's a class and not a primitive 2 data type. String is effectively an array 1 of characters.

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Although the compiler has special support 7 for Strings, such as converting string literals 6 into String instances, and performing String 5 concatenation, String is not a primitive 4 type, but a Class. By convention, class 3 names begin in uppercase.

See the JLS section 2 Types,Values and Variables for description of primitive types and 1 reference types.

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String is a non premitive data type . You 1 can use String as follows

int monthNumber = 2;
String monthName = "";
switch(monthNumber) {
    case 1:
        monthName = "January";
    case 2:
        monthName = "February";
    case 3:
        monthName = "March";
    case 4:
        monthName = "April";
System.out.println("The month is " + monthName);

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