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Go to Window → Preferences → Java → Editor 5 → Content Assist. In the column "Auto activation 4 triggers for Java", enter this:


Add any other 3 keys you want. You're done. That answers 2 your first query. As far as second one goes, I 1 think it already exists.

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Take a look at Eclipse Code Recommenders 2 [1] or Codetrails Connect [2]. They make 1 Eclipse' code completion intelligent.

[1] http://eclipse.org/recommenders/

[2] http://marketplace.eclipse.org/content/codetrails-connect-community-edition/

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I have to say NO. I moved from Eclipse to 10 IntelliJ because of the intellisense and 9 inability to make Eclipse behave like IntelliJ 8 (or if you come from the .NET environment: inability 7 to make Eclipse intellisense behave like 6 ReSharper in .NET).

Do you HAVE TO work 5 in Eclipse? I do 98% of work in IntelliJ, then 4 convert the project into Eclipse project 3 (IntelliJ can still access it) and finish 2 it in Eclipse. Maybe you could try this 1 solution.

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Since Eclipse Juno, Code Recommenders Intelligent 5 Java Proposals replaced the old JDT's Java 4 Proposals.

It afford "Intelligent Code 3 Completion" function, like IntelliJ 2 did in a way.

You can get something useful 1 through the link below:


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There is something like that in Eclipse 14 I think, certainly in the Eclipse Helios. When 13 typing you press CTRL+SPACE, or when you 12 typed variable name '.' will start auto-complete 11 options. Also here someone suggests to change 10 auto complete delay settings to 0.

BTW you 9 can also accept your selection with space 8 bar, for sure.

EDIT: Why not consider using NetBeans, my 7 personal favourite. There you have an option 6 to show auto-completion on start typing 5 any Java Identifier Part. This would then 4 look exactly as you want it. (in NetBeans 3 Tools->Options->Editor->Code Completion, there in Language box select Java and 2 finally check Auto Popup on Typing Any Java 1 Identifier Part).

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