[ACCEPTED]-Looking for decent Git libraries for Java-git

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I believe you can use JGit in your Java application.

The 11 main page includes:

JGit has very few dependencies, making 10 it suitable for embedding in any Java application, whether 9 or not the application is taking advantage 8 of other Eclipse or OSGi technologies.

The 7 download page mentions that:

JGit can be consumed in a 6 Maven build.
Multiple artifacts are available, depending 5 on the application's requirements:

See a 4 full pom.xl in jgit-cookbook/blob/master/pom.xml:



  <!-- Core Library -->

The exact list of 3 git commands currently supported is not 2 always up-to-date (as the bug 317482 illustrates):

Update September 1 2013 - July 2014: all the commands below are now available.

alt text

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