[ACCEPTED]-How to add multiple components to a JFrame?-jframe

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You have 2 choices.

You can change the layout 19 of your frame:

JFrame frame;
frame.setLayout(new FlowLayout());

Now, if you add more than 18 one box, it will show up on the frame.

The 17 other option is to do what you said you 16 tried. (Adding a panel to the frame)

JPanel pane = new JPanel();
(add the boxes to 'pane')

Also, you 15 should be careful with the sizing of your 14 Box. You will probably want a call to setPreferredSize() somewhere 13 in the creation of the Box. This will tell 12 Java what size to make the box when it is 11 added to the layout.

You should also take 10 a look at the Java Layout Manager Tutorials. There is lots of great 9 info there.

And, one more thing. The reason 8 only one box at a time was being displayed 7 on the frame was because JFrame's layout 6 manager is BorderLayout. And, when you call add on a component 5 that has a BorderLayout, the component is 4 automatically added to the center of the 3 component. Subsequent calls to add will overwrite 2 the center component, leaving only one component 1 in the middle.

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You do need to check out other layout managers. JFrame 15 by default uses BorderLayout and without 14 specifying the "place" a component is added, they 13 get added to CENTER. Depending on what 12 you want your UI to look like depends on 11 the layout manager to use. I would suggest 10 maybe using Netbeans GUI builder.

EDIT: Missed 9 the part about what you want to add but 8 the concept is still the same, if you just 7 add these components to the default layout 6 manager, they will get overwritten. Sounds 5 like you may need to do your painting inside 4 of just one of your Box components or create 3 a JPanel and set the layout to null but then 2 you would have to place them explicitly. Really 1 depends on what you want to do with it exactly.

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Do your layout on paper first, then read 9 up on Swing layout managers.

Be aware that 8 some Swing components only allow one component 7 to be added to them. I've run across this 6 when using Tabbed panes. Each tab can only 5 accept one control (JPane?) so you have 4 to create a separate panel with a layout 3 to arrange the related controls and then 2 as a unit add the pane to the tab. There 1 are similar arrangements in the Swing library.

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You could set the frame layout to null and then 2 use setBounds() to position your boxes exactly where 1 you want.

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Thank you for all your answers.

Since I am 8 using my own custom class, Box, I have the 7 ability of setting the position of my the 6 rectangle through the paint method.

I realized 5 my Box class was extending the wrong thing. It 4 should have been extending javax.swing.Jcomponent.

If 3 I now use a panel with an OverlayLayout, add 2 my components to that panel, they all show 1 up properly.

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