[ACCEPTED]-How to pass systemProperties when invoking exec:java plugin in maven?-exec-maven-plugin

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Try following for me it works properly



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There is no way to set the <systemProperties> parameter on the command 3 line.

However, since exec:java is not forked, you 2 can just pass a system property to maven 1 and it will be picked up by exec:java as well.

mvn -Dkey=value exec:java -Dexec.mainClass=com.yourcompany.yourclass \
    -Dexec.args="arg1 arg2 arg3"
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I just ran into a similar problem and I 12 wanted to write a full answer for others 11 that might come across this question.

Even 10 though the question is not about pom.xml 9 but about command line - it does not state 8 how to do the same with pom.xml so here 7 it is





For the command line - I think Sean Patrick Floyd's answer 6 is good - however, if you have something 5 already defined in your pom.xml it will 4 override it.

So running

 mvn exec:java -DmyKey=myValue

should also work 3 for you.

You should also note that the exec plugin's documentations states 2 the following

A list of system properties to be passed. 
Note: as the execution is not forked, some system properties required 
by the JVM cannot be passed here. 
Use MAVEN_OPTS or the exec:exec instead. See the user guide for more information.

So you can also do something 1 like this

export MAVEN_OPTS=-DmyKey=myValue
mvn exec:java

and it should work the same way.

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