[ACCEPTED]-Getting visible cell from UITableView pagingEnabled-uitableview

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Well, on the off chance that you never figured 7 out a solution, or for whoever comes to 6 this question next, I'll provide you with 5 the answer you were looking for. UITableView 4 will provide you with the indexPaths you 3 are looking for, and then UITableView will 2 happily provide you with the cells that 1 match those index paths:

UITableView *tableView = self.tableView; // Or however you get your table view
NSArray *paths = [tableView indexPathsForVisibleRows];

//  For getting the cells themselves
NSMutableSet *visibleCells = [[NSMutableSet alloc] init];

for (NSIndexPath *path in paths) {
    [visibleCells addObject:[tableView cellForRowAtIndexPath:path]];

// Now visibleCells contains all of the cells you care about.
Score: 3

Converted Douglas example to Swift:

let tableView = self.tableView // Or however you get your table view
let paths = tableView.indexPathsForVisibleRows

//  For getting the cells themselves
let visibleCells : NSMutableSet = []

for path in paths! {


Score: 2

Rather than focusing on when the UITableView 3 requests a cell, you should be focusing 2 on when it displays the cell, which is indicated 1 by the delegate method tableView:willDisplayCell:forRowAtIndexPath.

Score: 0

Simple and elegant way to retrieve visible 3 cells of UITableView, no need to get visible cells 2 by using indexpath values

NSArray * visibleCells = tableView.visibleCells;
NSLog(@"Total visible Cells: %i", [visibleCells count]);

If indexpath's of visible cells 1 are needed

NSArray * paths = [tableView indexPathsForVisibleRows];
Score: 0

Swift 4+

    func tableView(_ tableView: UITableView, willDisplay cell: UITableViewCell, forRowAt indexPath: IndexPath) {
        let firstVisibleIndexPath = self.tableView.indexPathsForVisibleRows?[0]
        print("top visible cell section  is \([firstVisibleIndexPath!.section])")


Score: 0

Get UITableView current visible cell index

let visibleRect = CGRect(origin: tableview.contentOffset, size: tableview.bounds.size)
let visiblePoint = CGPoint(x: visibleRect.midX, y: visibleRect.midY)
let visibleIndexPath = tableview.indexPathForItem(at: visiblePoint)

Get 1 current shown UITableView cell index

func scrollViewDidEndDecelerating(_ scrollView: UIScrollView) {
    for cell in yourBableview.visibleCells {
        let indexPath = yourBableview.indexPath(for: cell)

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