[ACCEPTED]-iOS : Resubmit the rejected app after fixing issue-application-loader

Accepted answer
Score: 26
  1. In itunesconnect "App Store" tab and "iOS APP" heading, select the rejected version.
  2. In the right pane where the description and screenshots appear, scroll down to "Build".
  3. Click the red minus sign beside the rejected build to remove it.
  4. Resubmit the new uploaded version.


Score: 21

You need to login in to iTunes connects 5 and need to do again "Ready to submit 4 binary". Right now your app status 3 should be "Rejected". So you must 2 do that first before uploading through Application 1 loader.


Let me know.

Score: 8

You need to click on the "Ready to Submit 3 Binary" button in iTunes Connect first before 2 doing this.

Click on your app - you'll find 1 the button on the top right.

Score: 2

try it in Safari. I was struggling with 1 this in Chrome.

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