[ACCEPTED]-Disable global Ctrl-Alt-L hotkey in KDE-kde

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Score: 58

Under the K menu, go to the Control Center.

Regional 10 & Accessibility | Keyboard Shortcuts 9 | Shortcut Schemes tab, Global Shortcuts 8 tab.

In the search box, type "lock", which 7 should narrow the visible shortcuts and 6 show the Ctrl+Alt+L one ("Lock Session").

Underneath, click 5 None.

Click the Apply button.

On KDE Plasma 4 5 go to System Settings | Desktop Behaviour 3 | Screen Locking

Here you will find a "Keyboard 2 Shortcut" option. Change it to something 1 else or set to none

Score: 13

On Kubuntu 11.10 it's well hidden:

  1. Start System Settings
  2. Under Common Appearance and Behavior, select Shortcuts and Gestures.
  3. Select Global Keyboard Shortcuts in the left-hand panel.
  4. Select the KDE Component: Run Command Interface (important, otherwise you won't see the ctrl-alt-L mapping!)
  5. Select Lock Session
  6. Edit the setting, either choose a different mapping or 'none'.


Score: 8

I eventually found how to disable the lock 5 screen key binding (Ctrl-Alt-L) in the System Setting 4 app.

System Settings->"Keyboard Mouse->Keyboard 3 Shortcuts

I had to choose the KDE component: Run 2 Command Interface.

I'm running KDE on Fedora 1 Core 9.

Score: 6

For Linux Mint: System Settings -> Keyboard 2 -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> System -> Lock 1 screen

Score: 5

It's easy to disable all global keyboard 11 shortcuts in KDE for specific applications. I've 10 done it in KDE 4 and now I've done it in 9 KDE 5 again. So in KDE 5 right click on 8 your application's window title -> More 7 actions -> Special Window Settings (or Special 6 Application Settings) -> Appearance & Fixes 5 -> Ignore Global Shortcuts -> Force, Yes. It's 4 much easier than to look for each shortcut 3 one by one.

You can check such configurations 2 in System Settings -> Window Management 1 -> Window Rules.

Score: 3

Instead of disabling anything, you can also 5 use ctrl+meta+alt+l in most applications where this 4 problem exists. KDE knows the meta key (aka 3 the 'windows key'), but the applications 2 seem to ignore it and consider it to be 1 just ctrl+alt+l.

Score: 2

I know, old question, but I didn't easily 3 find a decent answer. If anybody is wondering 2 how to disable it on Ubuntu (while the Windows_key + L shortcut 1 will still work):

Go to Settings -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts tab -> System -> select Lock screen and press backspace to clear it.

Score: 1

For KDE Plasma 5

1 - click on K menu, type keyboard, choose 2 Global Keyboard shortcuts

2 - Choose the KDE Session Manager in KDE component , at Lock Session, do what you want, disable 1 the shortcut or choose another!

Score: 1

For Ubuntu 16.04 System settings -> Keyboard -> Shortcut -> System -> LockScreen -> click-it and make changes

I changed my to ctrl+alt+H from 2 ctrl+atl+L

Here is the Screen shot which tells where 1 the above instructions will lead you to. Keyboard -> shortcuts

Score: 0

Another option is to change the Idea keymap 3 to use Default for KDE. You can go to File -> settings -> keymap and 2 then select the Default for KDE option from the drop down 1

Score: 0

Also you can change it with the configuration 11 file.

The following files store the keyboard 10 shortcuts of KDE Plasma 5 and of some of 9 its associated applications such as Konsole 8 and KWrite.


Let me add descriptions for the 7 files.

Standard Shortcuts (System Settings 6 > Shortcuts) ~/.config/kdeglobals

Global 5 Shortcuts (System Settings > Shortcuts) ~/.config/kglobalshortcutsrc

"Custom 4 Shortcuts" (System Settings > Shortcuts) ~/.config/khotkeysrc

Konsole ~/.local/share/kxmlgui5/konsole/konsoleui.rc ~/.local/share/kxmlgui5/konsole/sessionui.rc

KWrite 3 > Settings > Configure Shortcuts... > KWrite ~/.local/share/kxmlgui5/kwrite/kwriteui.rc

KWrite 2 > Settings > Configure Shortcuts... > Kate 1 Part ~/.local/share/kxmlgui5/katepart/katepart5ui.rc

Score: 0

For those who prefer visual answers, here's 4 where this settings can be found enter image description here

IMPORTANT Note that 3 there are two values: Global and Global Alternative. I had to unbind 2 the Global Alternative shortcut to resolve a problem with 1 IntelliJ.

Score: 0

Ubuntu 20.04 + KDE plasma: Use Global Shorcuts 2 -> System Setting Module menu -> Lock 1 session. Set to "Custom -> None" enter image description here

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