[ACCEPTED]-The requested operation requires elevation" message after setup-privileges

Accepted answer
Score: 41

This is occurring because the executable 8 is marked as requiring elevation.

If you 7 try to run the application from the [Run] section 6 with the postinstall flag, you can add the shellexec flag. If 5 you do that then Inno Setup will start the application 4 with the ShellExecute function rather than CreateProcess. This will 3 make Windows bring up the UAC and run the 2 application with elevated privileges if 1 needed.

Score: 1

No, there's no way to overcome this, short 5 of elevating yourself to administrator.

The 4 reason this is the case is to prevent unauthorized 3 actions from taking place on your computer. Mostly, it 2 allows companies to set policies on what 1 users can and cannot do with their computers.

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I am using windows 11. What I had to do 2 is open powershell as administrator. This 1 allowed me to continue.

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