[ACCEPTED]-How to make IIS7 stop serving a folder?-iis-7

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The proper way to do that is using this:

                   <add segment="My_Directory" />

This 8 allows you to still access files located 7 there from the IUSR account, but prevents actual 6 requests for files there from being filled 5 directly.

Note that this will block files 4 in that directory, and any subdirectories, no 3 matter where that directory occurs - even 2 if it, itself, is a sub-directory of something 1 else.

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As the link-only answer points out, hiddenSegments is 9 the right tool for the job. Go to IIS then 8 the site and in Features find Request Filtering (must be installed at 7 Server Manager) now add directory name that you want to 6 prevent access to, or any segment of the 5 URL really. This approach does require that 4 a unique url or directory name be used in 3 the site, otherwise any other occurrence 2 of the segment at any level in the url, will 1 cause that request to be blocked:


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Remove IIS_IUSR permissions from that folder.

I 2 think its generically under the "Internet 1 Guest Account"

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