[ACCEPTED]-What's a good IDE for Erlang programming?-erlang

Accepted answer
Score: 81

Erlang plugin for IntelliJ IDEA provides some features 2 for Erlang code editing and navigation:

  • Syntax and errors highlighting
  • References resolving
  • Code completion for functions, records, variables, macroses and keywords
  • Rename refactoring for modules, functions, records, macroses and variables
  • Safe delete refactoring
  • Structure view and Find usages
  • Code formatter
  • Compilation and running
  • Eunit test runner
  • Dialyzer integration
  • Snippets (Live Templates)
  • Quick-fixes
  • Rebar integration
  • Emacs-based code formatting action
  • Erlang shell console
  • Debugger
  • Extract variable and function refactorings

The 1 plugins is free and open sourced: http://ignatov.github.io/intellij-erlang.

Score: 44

The best IDE for Erlang is Emacs. However, the 8 mode which ships with Erlang isn't the best. Erlware-mode extends 7 it and Distel allows you to use Emacs itself as 6 an Erlang node, enabling some very nice 5 features. See this blog post.

Between plugins 4 for NetBeans (ErlyBird) and Eclipse (ErlIDE), I 3 prefer the Eclipse one. NetBeans at least 2 used to require nightly versions of NetBeans 1 and didn't work properly for me.

Score: 13

I use Erlide on eclipse (http://erlide.org/).

Pros: Syntax 13 highlight, autocompletion and suggestion 12 all work well. During suggest it will display 11 some documentationif available: very useful 10 when exploring a module.

Error and warning 9 annotiations are quick and helpful.

All things 8 considered the user experience is good, especially 7 if you are used to eclipse.

Cons: Erlide 6 can also run your modules, but I find the 5 shell is too clunky to be usable. I always 4 keep a "real" erlang shell open 3 and compile/test my code from there.

There 2 is also a Textmate bundle (google), but 1 I have not tried that yet.

Score: 11

Erlang mode in Emacs is the generally recommended 6 IDE.


If you just want basic syntax highlighting 5 in Windows I have written a syntax definition 4 for NotePad++ that works well:


There is an 3 Erlang definition for vim that I'm sure 2 Google knows how to find.

I'm sure others 1 have done the same for other editors.

Score: 7

If you use Vim I recommend you Vimerl (http://github.com/jimenezrick/vimerl):


  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code indenting
  • Code folding
  • Code omni completion
  • Syntax checking with quickfix support
  • Code skeletons for the OTP behaviours
  • Uses configuration from Rebar
  • Pathogen compatible (http://github.com/tpope/vim-pathogen)


Score: 6
Score: 5

I use SciTE: http://www.scintilla.org/SciTEDownload.html as I cant be bothered to learn 5 the emacs key combinations, and am to impatient 4 to wait for eclipse to load.

SciTE comes 3 with an Erlang configuration, but it needs 2 to be uncommented in the configuration 1 file.

Score: 5

I used Geany and Vim, they are good enough for 2 developing. Geany can also compile and run 1 the code.

Score: 3

I use notpad++ for erlang


Score: 3

Another option is Visual Studio Code with 1 the erlang extension.

Score: 1

if you are a new emacs user, i think emacs 8 can really kill you :(

i try erlide(buggy 7 for jump to defination, other is good) emacs-erlang 6 mode(really hard for me), i finally choose 5 sublime text2 for daily development. i suggest 4 you can try it.

i install the following plugins: package 3 control sublime-erlang sublimerl ctags

that's 2 as good as i expected.


you can watch this 1 video to see how friendly sublime 2 is

Score: 1

I use Eclipse with Erlide plugin.

It has 5 support for Project Management in addition 4 to syntax highlight, autocompletion.

Integration 3 with 3rd party tool such as Wrangler for 2 code refactoring is also very useful.

Debugging 1 is also supported.

Score: 0

I'm using sublime text on windows, mac and 1 linux

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