[ACCEPTED]-How to create a HTML link which forces MS Word to edit document on webdav server-webdav

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Ummm, you could also use something like 9 this:

<a href="ms-word:ofe|u|http://some_WebDav_enabled_address.com/some_Word_document.docx">Open Document in Word</a>

The difference from the above answers 8 is that this would no longer require ActiveX 7 and it will work at least in IE 8+, Chrome 6 and Firefox, as long as it is opened from 5 a Windows machine, for Office 2010+ (not 4 100% sure about this one though).

Explanation: the 3 ms-word:ofe part is a protocol that gets installed 2 on the client machine when Office is installed. I 1 don't know exactly what the |u| part does.

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Confluence uses the EditDocument method of the SharePoint.OpenDocuments 1 ActiveX control.

Example in Javascript:

new ActiveXObject("SharePoint.OpenDocuments.1").EditDocument("http://example.com/test.doc")
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As far as I recall, the only way to achieve 6 this is to explicitly instantiate Word through 5 ActiveX, and the pass it the URL to open.

This 4 can be done inside the HTML page (in which 3 it'll need IE), or using an external application 2 that then would need to be registered for 1 a new mime type (see http://greenbytes.de/tech/webdav/rfc4709.html#rfc.section.B.1 for an example).

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I found that Confluence can do this. They 10 have special Firefox plugin, but it should 9 work fine with Internet Explorer.

In fact, when 8 I started to play with it, it turned out 7 that IE does actually opening document directly 6 from WebDAV. It seems like if IE downloaded 5 the page, passed it to MS Word, but together 4 with URL. MS Word can then save file back 3 (well, sometimes it sees the file as read-only, and 2 doesn't allow to save back, but allows to 1 upload under different name).

Still investigating.

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