[ACCEPTED]-WebDAV behind a reverse proxy-mod-proxy

Accepted answer
Score: 10

Hmm, found the answer. Always the same :)

I 4 added the next line to my 'private server' config 3 file:

LoadModule headers_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_headers.so

RequestHeader edit Destination ^https http early

(e.g. of config location '/etc/httpd/conf.d/DefaultRequestHeader.conf')

and 2 it worked. I don't know if this has drawbacks. I'll 1 see.

Score: 2

The destination URL shouldn't be in XML 7 but in the "Destination" header, as you 6 already noticed. Maybe you were looking 5 at the error response...

In general, this 4 problem would go away when clients and servers 3 implement WebDAV level 3 (as defined in 2 RFC4918), which allows the Destination header 1 to be just a relative path.

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