[ACCEPTED]-Why do browsers insert tbody element into table elements?-xhtml

Accepted answer
Score: 55


The TBODY element defines a group of data 13 rows in a table. A TABLE must have one or 12 more TBODY elements, which must follow the 11 optional TFOOT. The TBODY end tag is always 10 optional. The start tag is optional when 9 the table contains only one TBODY and no 8 THEAD or TFOOT.

So there always is a tbody 7 there (albeit sometimes with both the start 6 and end tags optional and omitted), and 5 the tools you are using are correct in showing 4 it to you.

thead or tfoot, on the other hand, are 3 never present unless you explicitly include 2 them, and if you do that, the tbody(s) must 1 be explicit too.

Score: 14

Yes, tbody is the standard element indicating 3 the body of a table. It is not required 2 to put it in the markup, but it will be 1 included in the DOM as you've seen.

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