[ACCEPTED]-Is there a built-in HTML validator in any major browser?-html-parsing

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I am the author of the Firefox extension. I 5 have recently rewritten it for Chrome and 4 the new Webextension API of Firefox.

See 3 more info on the extension homepage:


The 2 direct link from the Google Chrome store 1 is this:



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There is a new HTML validator available 3 for Chrome. It uses a JavaScript port of 2 LibTidy and thus validates locally without 1 the need of remote services.

See https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/anjdemaoejlpgmnmkijdemoiebcddhkc

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HTML Validator by Robert Nyman for Google Chrome has an indicator icon, displays 1 inline results, and validates local files.

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The HTML Tidy Browser Extension works quite 4 well, although it doesn't have as many features 3 as the Firefox counterpart. As an added 2 bonus, it works on localhost pages. You 1 can get it here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/html-tidy-browser-extensi/gljdonhfjnfdklljmfaabfpjlonflfnm

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I don't think that type of thing is usually 17 built in, because they aren't needed by 16 the average user and can slow down your 15 browsing. Generally speaking, add-ons are 14 the way to go, in my humble opinion.

The 13 top two browser additions for anyone who 12 is developing any website are: Firebug (as 11 mentioned by a previous response) and the 10 Web Developer toolbar, available for many 9 browsers. Here is a link to the developer's 8 page for the toolbar: Website for Web Developer Toolbar

Firebug is great for 7 stepping through JavaScript, detecting errors, checking 6 out your HTML & CSS, as well as a plethora 5 of other useful features.

The Web Developer 4 Toolbar on the other hand, allows you to 3 Validate HTML, CSS, etc, either on a local 2 host, or on the web, turn off Javascript, turn 1 off CSS, plus much more!

I hope this helps!

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